In the spotlight today is Plano West senior, Hallie. Hallie is a member of our model team. Her senior session was done in June before things really heated up.

Hallie’s Mom, Sondra, and I are from the same small Oklahoma town – Duncan, OK. I have done several kids from Duncan through the years and it is always a honor for me to get to work with people from my hometown.

Get to know Hallie -

Favorite thing to do in her spare time is SING. Her favorite musical artist is John Mayer. She loves the bible verse, “Come to me, all those who are weary, and I will give you rest. ” Matthew 11:28

What a great kid with a bright future and so photogenic! Here are just a few of the images from her session.

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Back to Texas

What a neat couple! I met them on a photoshoot to take pics for their Christmas cards. They have recently relocated from the Big Sky country to Texas (again)and wanted their cards to scream TEXAS so we incorporated the longhorns into the photos. It is so refreshing to spend time with people with such a positive outlook on life and obvious love for one another.




Families, Families and more Families!

I love this time of year because I get a chance to have a glimpse into the lives of so many amazing families. I love watching the interaction amongst family members and creating something they will treasure in the years to come. Besides my studio and garden I have found some awesome places for family pics this year. Hope your family enjoys the season together this year and everyone realizes how important they are to one another!


Casual or Formal

Once upon a time almost every family that showed up to do a family portrait came in their “Sunday best.” Now it seems more families desire a casual look. Both looks can be appropriate and the outcome is usually quite different. If you are questioning what kind of family photo you want, begin by asking yourself some of the following questions……
*How do I tend to decorate my home?
If you have a very casual home, obviously, an outdoor portrait with casual clothing in colors that coordinate with your home is the best look. If you have more formal areas in which you desire your portrait to be hung, an indoor, dressier look may be the best option.
*Does your family regularly dress up?
If not, a formal portrait wouldn’t represent your family very well.
* How old are your children?
If you have kids under the age of 12, you should probably stick to your favorite option (indoors or outdoors) and avoid doing too much with changes of clothing involved.
*Do you take family photos regularly?
If you do not, then you should choose whichever style you like best and suits your lifestyle the most. If you do take lots of family portraits then you can try something different that you normally do just for variety.

The good news is that we can do any style VERY WELL. We offer in studio, studio garden or location!
Bottom line is that your family portrait should represent your family in a true way. Every family is different, so let your portrait reflect who you are!pec1


Family Portraits

Family portraits are most definitely one of my specialties. I have done thousands through the years and have encountered literally all types of situations. Many of the families I do come back annually so I try to create something a little different each year. It seems that MOST families take their photo Oct. – Dec. so this period of time becomes pretty crazy for me. The fun has begun and the images from this season are better than ever! Family

Christmas Cards

It is time to start thinking about Christmas cards and nobody does them better than us! We have lots of variety including flat, folded, tri-folded, shaped, etc. We print our cards on beautiful paper in lots of choices like pearl, matte, glossy and bamboo. All cards come with standard envelopes which can be upgraded to a metallic and/or festive color. We even offer return address stickers w/ a photo to match the cards. Card prices range depending upon selection. All of our greeting cards are custom designed! Christmas Cards by Innovative Images

Warren Family Life_inside2

Classic Photo Shoots

The past few years there has been a fad in photography for unposed, outdoor, natural shots.  While we enjoy and do this type of work, we also specialize in classic photography.  This style will never go out of vogue and is something that truly captures the subject(s) in a way only a piece of artistic work of art can.  This type of image lives for decades and looks incredible on the walls of our clients’ homes.


Durango, Colorado

I fell in love with Colorado this summer while I was there on a baseball trip with my family. There are so many photo ops that I just had to go back. I just returned from another visit and this time the fall color was out. I did a few senior photo sessions as well as lots of landscape photos. The weather was awesome and the sights were unbelievable…0S9A9496artFB


Boys to Men

Some might find it hard to believe that we do more BOYS than GIRLS for their senior pics. Although some are not quite as excited as their female classmates about having senior pics, they usually end up enjoying the experience. Senior boys, I mean MEN are cool to work with and the results are unique. Since I have a senior boy in the Class of 2015, I know how boys this age are….it’s interesting and exciting watching them mature into men.0S9A0380