Golden Angels

Our next “Theme Day,” session will be our new Golden Angels.  We have done angel portraits in the past, but never like this!  We use beautiful golden lighting to illuminate the subject.  The results are amazing and truly angelic.  On Oct. 21st, we are offering no session fees and packages starting at $55.  Appropriate age is 2-8 for this style of portraiture.  If you have a little angel, give us a call and let us create a true heirloom to treasure!  The attached picture was taken yesterday and we love it!!!  What a gorgeous little angel she is….angelblog

Anyone who knows us very well would testify to the fact that we LOVE football season! We watch middle school, high school, college and pro! (College is our favorite – Go Sooners!) The picture attached is of a high school football player and his little brother. While we were doing the senior’s photos, the little brother watched patiently and finally got his chance to pose too. Pretty cute, huh? seaber