Lately, I have been shooting high school seniors at my studio, in our garden, around town in Frisco and in downtown McKinney. The attached pics were done in McKinney during a “Super Safari” photo shoot and inside our studio in Frisco. The client ends up with a wonderful array of choices since we do BOTH indoor studio work and outdoor shots. Each style (indoors and outdoors) has its own benefit. Some may think they want only location stuff but ultimately they LOVE the indoor studio work and usually pick many of the indoor images as their favorites! Don’t make the mistake of choosing a photographer that does only outdoor stuff. I promise… will miss out on some amazing indoor images that only a skilled photographer who fully understands lighting and posing will be able to capture.


Most of the images you will see that I take are of people but I do enjoy scenics and I always have a camera on me. Recently, I took this image of the water tower near my home in McKinney. McKinney was recently honored as the #2 city to live in the USA. What a amazing honor!