In the spotlight today is Plano West senior, Hallie. Hallie is a member of our model team. Her senior session was done in June before things really heated up.

Hallie’s Mom, Sondra, and I are from the same small Oklahoma town – Duncan, OK. I have done several kids from Duncan through the years and it is always a honor for me to get to work with people from my hometown.

Get to know Hallie -

Favorite thing to do in her spare time is SING. Her favorite musical artist is John Mayer. She loves the bible verse, “Come to me, all those who are weary, and I will give you rest. ” Matthew 11:28

What a great kid with a bright future and so photogenic! Here are just a few of the images from her session.

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I have been photographing Lynnae since she was a very small child and it is amazing to think how time goes by so quickly and all of the sudden she is in her last year of high school! During her senior photo session we took shots inside the studio and garden and in her hometown of Allen. She is a VERY busy young woman who is friendly, adventurous and hardworking! Here is a little more about Lynnae:

Favorite thing to do in spare time – Dance and hang with friends
Favorite school subject – Chemistry (wow!)
Pet Peeve – People that eat with their mouths full
Favorite Musical Artist – Ingrid Michaelson






High School Pictures from Trinity Christian Academy

We have really enjoyed meeting kids from Trinity Christian Academy this year! They are all very photogenic and a pleasure to be around. Here are just a few that have visited us recently. Go TCA Trojans!