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Photograph vs. Portrait

Photograph vs. Portrait

Both photographs, and portraits, are wonderful ways to preserve our memories, however, they do not serve the same purpose.



A photograph is a quick capture of a special moment;

A portrait is timeless, it is planned, and prepared for.


Photographs are deleted from you phone after your storage is full;

Portraits are handed down from generation to generation.

Photographs float in invisible clouds;

Portraits proudly hang on the walls of our homes.

We’d love to create your portrait.

Your Life, Your Love, Your Legacy. Innovative Images.

Client Spotlight- Brooke Faulkner, 2019 Senior Model

Say Hello to Miss Brooke Faulkner – 2019 Senior Model

Brooke is an ambitious young lady, and self described, “go getter!” She is a highly involved Senior at Marcus High School. She is in almost every honor society, and involved in many of the clubs that the school has to offer.

Brooke’s accomplishments  include being a Student Council Officer, a member of the English, and Science, honor society, Mu Alpha Theta, and National honor Society. She is a member of Circle of Friends, MEDS Club (a club for those pursuing a career in the medical field), and Young & Purposed (an all female Bible study club). Her little brother, Landon, has Down Syndrome, so she likes to volunteer for Special Olympics basketball, and soccer, as often as possible.

Brooke also volunteers her time tutoring middle school students in math, helping at local animal shelters, and anywhere else that there may be a need, she has learned how fulfilling service is at a young age.

Sports is a huge part of Brooks life, she played soccer for 12 years, and is now on the Marcus Varsity Track Team, where she runs relays, as well as triple, and long jump. When she isn’t at practice, it’s safe to say, you will find her at the gym, and on Friday night, you will find her indulging in her favorite high school tradition… FOOTBALL!!!

You are probably thinking this lovely lady can’t have a minute to spare, but when she does, she loves spending it hanging out with her friends and family, playing with her dogs Charlie and Sammy, watching, “The Notebook,” or listening to her favorite artists, Thomas Rhett & the Josh Abbott Band.

Brooke is inspired by her dad, who is hardworking, Christlike, and generous, his living example has has been instrumental in who she has become, and is becoming. The words, “Win or learn, never lose,” encourage Brooke to always choose growth in her life experiences.

Congratulations Brooke! We look forward to seeing all of the beautiful things you do in this world!


CLIENT SPOTLIGHT – Jamie Sims, Senior Model

Meet Miss Jamie Sims – 2019 Senior Model

Jamie is weeks away from starting her Senior Year at Centennial High School. This easy going, loving girl, is deeply spiritual and incredibly outgoing.

Jamie plays the flute in the Centennial High Marching band, to date, her favorite high school memory is going to the State Marching Competition, and placing 9th. Like most Texans, she loves High School Football games, and hanging out with friends.

She considers her style, “cute, casual, and comfy,” but as you can see, she makes everything she wears look elegant and glamorous!


Jamie has already earned her Nurses Aid Certificate, and has big plans for her bright future to become a nurse practitioner. She feels blessed to spend 6-10 per week in a hospital, or nursing home, working with patients.


Jamie’s inspiration and role model is her mom, she fuels her spirit and finds comfort in Joshua 1:9, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

On a Friday night you might find Jamie watching her favorite move, “Me Before You,” or listening to the smooth sounds of John Mayer. 

Welcome to your Senior Year Jamie!


Client Spotlight- Alex Adams, Senior Model

Meet Miss Alex Adams – 2019 Senior Model

Alex is entering her Sr. Year at Allen High School. It might surprise you to find out this glam girl, who loves the entire fashion industry, from make-up to clothes, best describes her style as athletic. She is a loyal and protective friend, and adores her dogs, Misty, Max and Dax, whom she spends as much time with as possible. 

Alex is the proud recipient of the, “Theodor Roosevelt + Naval Medal,” and she draws inspiration from one her favorite role models DeShauna Barber, who was Miss USA 2016, a motivational speaker, and captain in the United States Army Reserve. Alex represented Allen, Texas- in the Texas Teen USA Pageant in Houston.


Alex’s favorite high school tradition is prom, and her favorite musical artist is Florence Welch. She is fascinated with language, and spends her spare time studying Russian, Spanish, and German. She intends to pursue her education in foreign language.

The famous words of William Ernest Henley, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul,”  fuel Alex’s drive to live intentionally, and fully.

Welcome to your Senior year Alex!





Top 20 Graduation Songs

Celebration is in the air, and an essential element to every party is the PERFECT music. Graduation is a mix of a million emotions, and we’ve got a playlist of the 20 best graduation songs to carry you through each one of them. I’ve hand selected the perfect mix, including some old, some new, a little bit of pop, a sprinkle of country, a dash of rock, & of course some hip hop. Make a playlist out of these, and your Grad Party soundtrack is ready to go!

  1. Vitamin C, “Graduation” (Friends Forever)  : Doesn’t matter if you’re graduating this year, or if you graduated 20 years ago, this one tugs at the heart strings. 
  2.  Queen, “We Are The Champions”  : Come on, you knew this one was going to be close to the top of the list. 
  3. “My Wish” Rascal Flats : I’ve listened to this one about 1,000 times, and it still gets me!
  4. “Firework” “Katy Perry : Gotta scream it from the top of your lungs!!
  5. “The Adventure of a Lifetime” Coldplay: Good vibes all around with this one.
  6. Miley Cyrus, “The Climb”  :Sing it Miley! Oh, how we love Ms. Cyrus from her, “Hannah Montana” days.
  7. Bill Withers, “Lean on Me” :If you are blessed, some of the people you walk across that graduation stage with, will still be walking next to you through your next milestones moments.
  8. Boyz to Men, “End of the Road” : This one takes me straight back to being 18.
  9. American Authors, “Best Day of My Life” : Try not to smile while this plays, IMPOSSIBLE!

10. Beyonce’, “I Was Here” : It wouldn’t be a party playlist without something from Queen B.! Gives me the chills every time.

  1. The Rembrandts, “I’ll Be There For You” : It’s more than the, “Friends” theme song. It’s a super sweet graduation track!
  2. Pharrell Williams, “Happy” : Why wouldn’t this be on every party playlist?
  3. Lee Ann Womack, “I Hope You Dance” : If the mama’s of graduates don’t cry on this one, you may need to check their pulse.
  4. Baz Luhrmann – “Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen” : This one may be new to you, but it is a long time favorite of mine, and I think you’ll like it.
  5. Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth – “See You Again”  Bittersweet melody, let it inspire you to be present with those you hold dear.

  1. Andy Grammar, “Back Home” : Always remember your roots!
  2. The Beatles – “With A Little Help From My Friends” LIVE : Gotta have some classics.
  3. Nicki Minaj – “Moment 4 Life”: Dance break! Jam out to this one!
  4. Kenny Chesney – “Don’t Blink” : Absorb the message here, and you will be a step ahead of the game.
  5. Katy Perry- “Roar” Yeah, she has two songs on the list, it had to be that way.

Dear ones, enjoy this time in your life. I hope these songs resonate with you, and stir emotions that cause you to fully be present, and soak up every moment of this monumental time in your life. Congratulations!

Case Client Spotlight

The Magic of the Perfect Gift

We all know gift giving can be difficult. It feels more often than not, we resort to “safe” gifts, such as flowers, candles, chocolate, or gift cards. None of which light up our souls the way finding the PERFECT gift, for that precious loved one does. As I get older, the more important giving, and receiving, thoughtful gifts has become. A gift that says, “I pay attention to what you like, I know what you love, because I love you!”

This past holiday, I had the privilege of working with a brother and sister, who had gone above and beyond to present their mother with the PERFECT gift. You see, this family has been clients of our studio since they were children, now they are grown, and both recently graduated college. Both of them are now out in the world, starting their careers, and exciting new chapters of their lives.

Chandler knew his mother cherished their portraits from here, he also knew his mother would absolutely LOVE to have portraits of him and his sister, together, in their college graduation caps and gowns, and in their professional wear. But due to the complexity of life, geography, and schedules not lining up- it was likely his mom was not ever going to get that portrait.

Despite busy work, and holiday scheduling, he and his sister made the time to meet at our studio, and have portraits made for their lovely mother. To her surprise, she was presented with a beautiful collage of images for Christmas, she was in absolute awe of how her children had put such time, energy, and thoughtfulness into the perfect gift for her. This act is something she will never forget!

We at the studio, had the honor of getting to be a part of the perfect gift. Each, and every one of us, was moved by the careful attention that had been paid to every detail of the process. Thank you to the Case family, who re-inspired me to do better when giving, to really step back, pay attention, and give from the heart. Giving the perfect gift spreads magic to everyone who gets to be a part of it. No more holding back, when you give, give fully- make it memorable!

GUYS Senior Portrait Prep

Tips and ideas for your session

CLOTHING: Wear what you love and be who you are! We want to capture your unique style and personality! Be sure to choose a variety of colors and styles. Vary the dress level: some dressy, some casual and some in between. Some shots are up close, others are full length. Plan outfits from head to toe down to your shoes. Don’t forget about the extras (hats, belts, watch, sunglasses, etc).

NOTE: Make sure your shirts are ironed. We can’t “photoshop” out wrinkles. Hang them on a hanger to bring to the session. This is the number one, most overlooked detail!

COMPLEXION: We retouch blemishes, so don’t worry about minor breakouts. Regarding scars and moles: we don’t remove anything permanent unless you request us to. Our goal is to create images that look natural. Just let us know your preference.

HAIR:Avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before your session. Do it at least 6-10 days ahead of your photo session appointment.

GLASSES:Most prescription glasses glare. Some more than others. Consider checking with your optometrist because most can loan you an empty set of frames or pop out your lenses of your session. Of course, we want you to be able to see, so do what feels best.







03: EXTRAS                                                                                                   


04: YOU




Portrait Perfect Make-up

10 Tips for Portrait Perfect Make-up

It’s time for Portrait Prep, don’t panic! We’ve got you covered with these simple tips for Portrait Perfect Make-up.

1. LIGHTEN UP. Avoid going too dark in your foundation shade. Have your shade professionally matched to your skin tone as close to the day of your shoot as possible. This really matters!


2. MATTE IS A MUST.  Especially for your cheeks, stay away from shimmery powder (no exceptions). You may use shimmer for your eyelids ONLY.


3. PRIMARY FOCUS. Primer is essential for keeping make-up intact. It’s like the base coat of a nail manicure. Oil-free versions are best, even for sensitive skin.


4. SAY NO TO SPF. This is the only time you should leave the house without sunscreen. Primer and foundation should be SPF-free. Formulas containing sunscreen cast a ghostlike glow with the camera flash or reflector.



5. LINE UP. When lining eyelids, start n the center and work your way to the outer edge. Lining the entire lid will cause the eyes to appear smaller. Use a slanted brush with a dark, (but not black) shadow to line the lower lids.

6. MORE IS MORE. Camera lighting will wash out colors. Don’t be scared of a dramatic, finished look. it won’t photograph that way. Trust us on this. Your make-up should be darker than your every-day look.


7. BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. When it comes to concealer, cheek contouring, and eye shadow, The camera will highlight and pick up on unblended edges, creating a clown-like look. Unblended concealer will highlight fine lines.


8. MELLOW YELLOW. To set makeup, choose a yellow based powered rather than a translucent powered. Much like SPF formulas, translucent powders cast a white glow when photographed.


9. AU NATURALE. Always have make-up applied in natural light. This will be the best indicator of ow it will look when photographed.


10. PRACTICE RUN. Don’t let the day of your photo shoot e the first time to try new products. Consultations and trial runs are essential to creating the perfect final look.

Follow these tips, take a deep breath, and remember, the most important tip for a successful portrait session, is to come with your confidence- and ready to have some fun documenting this special time in your life.

Client Spotlight – Hailey Soroa

Say Hello to Hailey Soroa – 2019 Senior Model

Hailey is a Senior at Mckinney High School. She considers herself to be a “goofy” girl, and likes to keep clothing style comfortable (which we agree is the most important element in fashion).

At the end of the day, you will find Hailey basking in the love of her two favorite doggies, Rocky, her Siberian Husky – and Daisy, her miniature Yorkie.

She’s not a huge fan of school traditions, but she did really enjoy going to State for marching band. She stays busy working with her mom, hanging out with friends, and being active. 

Post Malone tops her playlist, and Hailey totally geeks out on her favorite movie, “The Avengers.” 

She draws inspiration from her sister, and her favorite quote is, “God gives us difficulties to bring out the best in us.” – Marvon J. Ashton

Hailey’s post high school plans are to discover what she loves, and become successful doing that!

We are all rooting for you Hailey!! Congratulations!

Client Spotlight – Brelyn

Brelyn is a senior at Liberty High School. She has played piano for 14 years, and has used those skills in her transition into the percussion ensemble of The Redhawk Band. Brelyn now plays over 20 percussion instruments, and enjoys listening to, or playing music from memory! She has thoroughly enjoyed, and appreciated, the opportunity to expand her musical ability during her high school career. Brelyn is also a page designer and photographer on the Liberty Yearbook staff.

In her free time, Brelyn loves to play with her two beagles, Boone and Baxter, and spending time with her brothers. One of Brelyn’s favorite activities is to give back to her community, having been a part of the National Charity League for 6 years. Brelyn also loves to spend time with her friends, going on adventures, and reading. She is excited to be going to The University of Oklahoma will this Fall to pursue a major of Journalism and Mass Communications, with a minor in Music.

Congrats Brelyn!