Change is GOOD!

What an adventure we have been on! In January of 2019, we had an investor interested in purchasing our 2 buildings in downtown Frisco. We were not trying to sell our studio. We had been in this location for 27 years and our business was solid. Over the years there had been several people who wanted to buy but the timing never seemed right and the offers didn’t seem real. This time was different. We knew this offer was legitimate and possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity for us and the future of The Rail District.

The more we thought about it, the more excited we got to make the change. We had been doing things the same for a really long time, and change is good. We already had a studio space in our home that we built in 2001. We built it thinking we would shoot in both McKinney and Frisco, but it became apparent early on that going back and forth didn’t work out well. We turned the space into a game area and never used it again for photography but we knew that down the road when we were OLD we could use it again for a studio space. Well, we aren’t really OLD (does 54 count?) but, on June 28, 2019, we closed on the sale of the downtown buildings and officially began operating in McKinney on July 9, 2019. Our “new” space includes an indoor camera area, a dressing room/sales and design room, and gorgeous areas in the front and backyard including a dry creek area, stone wall with antique door area, lush landscaping, rocks, walls, arbors, etc. In addition, our home is located across the street from a large green space with lots of trees, grasses, seasonal wildflowers, etc. In reality, we have more to choose from than we had in Frisco and we have some pretty cool locations around the area that we regularly utilize.

Change is good. It’s been lots of hard work, but things are going well thanks to our amazing clients who trust what we do. We have kept the things that worked the same…….Kurt is still the ONLY photographer, Marilyn is our creative designer and retoucher and we still do in person sales sessions. We even have the same phone # 972-335-3686! We’ve made some modern changes too……we now ship orders directly to clients alleviating unnecessary trips back to the studio. Sales/design sessions are with KURT – he is the expert and can help in making the best decisions. Since we are in a home setting, our clients can see our products in a similar environment as their own.

Be sure to follow us on all of our social media channels and our website to stay updated on the happenings at Innovative Images. The adventure continues!