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It’s been a great year at Innovative Images thanks to all the amazing high school seniors we have photographed. We wish them all the best of luck as they enter a new and exciting phase of life. The McKinney Boyd senior in the pic below will be playing baseball in college and we wish him success and happiness!

Children’s Portraits in Frisco/Kurt Nelson/Innovative Images/

Our “Children’s Theme Series” portraits are offered several times a year featuring no session fees and packages starting at $55. Visit our website innovativeimagesphotos.com in the theme series gallery for more information. On March 6-7 we will be doing our baseball and ballerina portraits. Girls should wear their tutus for ballerina portraits. We have vintage baseball uniforms in certain sizes available for both girls and boys for the baseball portraits or they can wear their own uniforms. These photos are CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!

Family Portraits in McKinney, TX

This time of year is definitely a time when I begin to reflect upon how much I am thankful for! My family spent the day together yesterday preparing our Thanksgiving meal and just hanging out. These times are very precious. Each time I am doing a family portrait session, I think about the individual family and how important a lasting image of a time together will be for them. Our tag line at Innovative Images is “Celebrating Life, Love and Family.” Here is a recent family session and I feel it really captured them in a totally unique and individual way.

Children’s Portraits in Frisco, TX

It’s so great to see so many families and children in the studio this time of year! I have been photographing these two kids for many years and their portraits always turn out so great and different! I deeply appreciate our loyal customers who come back year after year!!!