Tyler’s Portrait Session

I recently photographed Tyler from Frisco High School.  He has a great look and we had a good time on the “Safari” senior session which included 2 1/2 hours in the studio and around town.  The “Safari” session is perfect for the senior who desires an artistic, magazine/fashion style similar to what is seen on music videos and music CD’s.

We took some images on the railroad tracks (which Frisco is famous for) .  The photos turned out really cool.  I especially like the  way the sky looks with the clouds rolling in .  In case you’re wondering….we had a storm the next day!


Precious Beginnings

Our baby special, “Precious Beginnings,” has been such a hit that we are extending it through March 26! Baby portrait sessions are available during the morning hours on WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS! The images we have created this winter of our babies have been so adorable!

I was reminded how precious and important baby portraits are recently when I was asked to gather some baby pictures for my high school senior’s cheerleading banquet. I cried looking through those few pictures and realized that I did not do a good job recording this time in our daughter’s life. Our daughter was born prior to us having our business and we were too stupid to take the time to get good pictures before she grew out of the baby phase. Let me tell you that did not happen with our son that was born 6 years later! I hope those of you with new babies do not make the same mistake I did the first time around. Call us today! Tanablog1


A Trip Home

Every year Kurt says, “I want to go to Oklahoma to look at the fall color.”  Leaves don’t necessarily turn me on, but I’ve agreed to go several times and something always gets in our way.  This year he was absolutely bound and determined to go no matter what obstacle came along.  He invited two of his best friends, Dwight & Scott and they headed to our home state of OKLAHOMA to take in the beauty of the fall.  When he got home and showed me the images he had taken, I was in awe.  It was great for him to get away and do what he loves – photography!  This time however, there was no person to pose, etc.  I realized how truly gifted he is as a photographer as he finds just the right angles and light to help capture his images.  I hope you enjoy the pictures…. Tana






Taylor’s Portrait Session

tomlinson2aWe spent the afternoon doing a creative session with Taylor. She was lots of fun and very photogenic! Taylor’s images were shot at the studio and at the Cotton Mill in McKinney. I envision some of these images like those you would see on a music CD! Here is a sampling of the incredible images we created.