As I watched the pregame warm-ups at my son’s baseball tournament, I noticed how the horse seemed interested in baseball.  This horse roamed around at the field all weekend.  Only in Texas!  baseballweb2

Senior 2009

OK – Is this boy gorgeous or not? He is a really great kid too! He is a senior in high school in Omaha, Nebraska but his parents live locally. He lives in Omaha because he is training to be a pro hockey player and his opportunities are broader in Nebraska. We wish him and his family the very best. case2case3

Tonight was the cheer banquet for McKinney Boyd High School.  We took pictures all season and put together a video mix for the Varsity Cheerleaders.  Working on this project reminded us again of how important pictures are.  We hope the girls from this team have many special memories that were captured in video and pictures so that they always remember what an awesome time of life they are experiencing!  alonaweb