Monthly Archives: April 2009

Well, it’s been a pretty amazing time in the lives of the Nelsons!  Brock has made an amazing recovery from his recent accident.  The power of prayer has been clearly evident.  Since the accident, both Kurt and I have an even deeper appreciation and love for the children that God has blessed us with.  Every moment of life is precious!

Alona, our 18 year old senior daughter recently attended the McKinney Boyd prom.  Kurt had so much fun taking her pictures in her prom dress.  How did this child grow up so quickly?



Many of you have probably heard that our twelve year old son, Brock, was hit by a car while walking home from school on Tuesday, March 31st. Kurt & I were at the studio when the accident happened, so the call we received was the most scary, awful thing that has ever happened to us. We rushed to the scene to find our son being loaded into a helicoptor to get to Dallas for immediate attention. Kurt jumped in the helicoptor and had a very traumatic ride. The rest of the story is very happy because Brock is making tremendous progress in his recovery. Our friends and family have been totally amazing and supportive during this ordeal. We had no idea of how many people we have in our lives that really care about us. Kurt says this experience has been the worst and the best of his life. One thing we know……GOD IS GOOD and prayers are answered. We know too that priorities can get a little mixed up and something like this will help shed light on the things in life that really matter. Thanks to everyone who has and is continuing to help our family through this experience. We are so grateful!