Here Comes the Bride

Though I stopped doing weddings several years ago, I still love to do engagement and bridal sessions. I did this session at the studio and we got so many amazing images of this gorgeous bride that she bought a book including her favorites. I love to shoot many types of images so the bride (or couple)_ have lots of choices including casual, relaxed unposed shots as well as beautiful traditional portrait images. Below are a few of her favs…….. bride1








Perfect Background

Color harmony is so important to the outcome of a portrait. I saw the red dress and knew just what to do so that this would be a special portrait! One thing I try to do so that I have great choices is keep a wide array of backgrounds, furniture, etc., in the studio so that I can blend clothing appropriately. As far as outdoor sessions, my eyes are always searching and discovering new places that would be great backgrounds so I am ready when the opportunity arises. Perfect Background

The “In Between” Years

We see lots of babies, children under the age of 10, and high school seniors. It’s more rare but cool to photograph preteens and teenagers because their personalities are developing and they are discovering so many things about themselves. Kids this age can be challenging, but they are so interesting too. I have seen self esteem soar after a photo session with a kid in the “in between” years! In Between