Kourtney & Jacob

Weddings…..They are on my mind lately for sure. My niece, Kourtney got hitched on Jan. 10th to her beau, Jacob. I photographed their engagement, bridal and finally the wedding. I used to do a wedding every weekend and sometimes 2 so I definitely have photographed my share. Several years ago I decided to concentrate more on other areas of my business so I stopped accepting weddings. (Though I still do lots of engagement and bridal sessions) Things have changed dramatically in wedding photography over the years but there is one thing that stands…….quality matters. I did my research on current trends/styles, etc. in wedding photography and realized that there is ALOT of, well, how do I say it…..BAD and unprofessional work out there. I hope those who have a wedding in their future are extremely careful when selecting a photographer because the results can be sad to say the least. Choose wisely! Ask for references and to view complete weddings – not just a single image from a single wedding. Above all, if it seems too good to be true, it is. Just like other things – usually, you get what you pay for.
My own daughter, Alona, recently got engaged so weddings are really on my mind ALOT. It will be a fun time and I want the memories to be sweet! (and I’m not allowed to be the photographer.!!)kourtney1