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This is Us

Every year around Christmas, we do family portraits to put on our cards. This was a weird year and we waited too long to get our grown kids together, so we did our own thing and had a blast doing it.

We fretted about what to do. It was Tana’s spur of the moment idea to capture our love of golf and photography by doing a nostalgic golf session. Believe it or not, we already had the clothes in our closet to pull this off. We went across the street to the Stonebridge Golf Course at 8:00 AM to pull this off. No one was with us. Armed with a self timer and awareness of what we wanted the results to look like, we embarked upon taking these photos. We had so much fun together and loved the results. Not only did we do our Christmas cards with these photos, we printed a cool portrait and collage for our home so we can enjoy them year round. Here’s to 2023 and teeing up lots more joy! Kurt & Tana