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Headshot Session FAQ

What does my session include?

Our headshot session is designed to accommodate the best possible combination of comfort, creativity and exceptional results. Whether you enjoy taking pictures or dread it, we will tailor the session to YOU. Here’s a brief synopsis of what to expect.

Expect for the session to take up to one hour. You session will be photographed by Kurt Nelson.

Kurt will help you decide what the best background will be for your portrait. He will also guide you in selecting clothing options.

Kurt excels in getting appropriate expression. He will take many different looks so you have options. Posing and lighting will be top priorities for helping to achieve optimal results.

As the photos are being shot, they will appear on a screen so you will know exactly what the images are looking like. This process alleviates stress because you will know if we are on the right track or if there is something you do not like such as your makeup, hair, etc.

Once a series of photos have been taken and Kurt feels like he has a good gallery for your review, he will help you decide what look you like the best by going through the photos right then and settling on your favorite(s).

The next part of the process is where the magic happens. Kurt takes your selected image(s) and retouches them as you sit beside and watch. He can so extensive retouching or just the basic. He does all of his retouching by hand. There are no filters, etc. He can smooth your skin, reduce wrinkles, slim your face and/or body, remove dark circles, remove stray hairs, etc. We never over retouch. A natural, “best version” of yourself is the goal. Our clients absolutely love the process!

Your favorite high resolution image will be digitally delivered to you before you leave the session.

Where Does My Session Take Place?

Most of our headshot sessions take place in our studio. It’s located within the Stonebridge Ranch area of McKinney, TX. The physical address is 2209 Cypress Point Drive. We are a home based studio complete with a camera room, dressing room and outdoor shooting areas specifically for photography. There is a separate entrance to the photography studio. We ask our clients to park by the curb, walk up the driveway and enter the studio through the door on the left beside the gray bench. You will see a floor mat under the door that says “Innovative Images Photography.”

In addition to our studio, we do offer “on location” shoots as an upgrade. We will need to collaborate on those sessions to make sure the location will work and will give you the results you desire.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Many people want to talk with us personally to set up a session. That is awesome, and we are happy to talk you through any questions you may have. Our headshot sessions are $150. and include one professionally retouched image. We do have an online booking system for those of you ready to BOOK NOW

 If your company is paying for your headshot, please use this linkBOOK NOW/COMPANY PAY

What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel?

We understand that life can get in the way. Built into our online scheduling system is the ability to change your appointment if you need to. If you need to reschedule your session and did not book it on our online software, simply text or call us @ 972-335-3686. Like most businesses, we deeply appreciate you letting us know of any changes because we often cannot rebook the time you were scheduled for.

Please check back to our blog in the coming weeks for more information including answers to questions about hair, make up, clothing!

Senior Model 2020 – Andrea

Meet Andrea, SR. 2020! She is absolutely adorable and extremely photogenic! Some fun facts about Andrea is that she has a Goldendoodle named Chewbacca, her favorite musician is Harry Styles, and her favorite high school memory is when she went to state for swimming! The future looks amazing for Andrea as she plans on pursuing the field of medicine in college. Good luck, Andrea!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” (Eleanor Roosevelt)