Q:How much in advance do I book my appointment?

A:Our schedule is busiest in April and November. Normally, two weeks advance notice is best, however we will do our best to accommodate our clients. Call or text 972-335-3686 for availability. If you need to reach us outside of normal business hours, fill out the CONTACT US section on the website. 

Q: How do I book an appointment? 

A: We have online booking available for business headshots and senior portrait sessions. Please see the section on the website you are interested in for the link. For family, children's, bridal and engagement sessions, please call, text or fill out the contact form on the website so we can make sure we know exactly how much time to allow for your session based on your unique needs. 

Q:How much do the sessions cost?

A:Most of our sessions are $80. High school senior sessions vary from $100. to $200., depending upon time and location. Business headshot sessions are $150. Session fees do not include photos with the exception of business photo sessions.

Q:Do I come completely ready for my photo session?

A:Yes, but we have a dressing room available to change clothes and touch up hair and make up. 

Q: Can we go outside?

A: Yes! Weather may prevent outdoor photography in certain situations, but we love love to shoot outdoors! We have garden areas and a green space we utilize here for most sessions. In addition, we regularly photograph on location. It is possible to do both indoor and outdoor portraits within the same session. 

Q:Do you sell digital images?

A:Yes. Nearly all of our photographic prints include a digital copy at no additional charge. Each time you order a pose, you get a printable, digital copy. EX:  If you order a book with 30 poses you get a digital copy of each pose. *Business photo sessions are different. For more info, please see info in our "Headshots" gallery. 

Q:How do we see our photos? 

A:We do IPS (In Person Sales) appointments 2-3 days after your session. Clients see the images taken during the photography session on a large television screen. We professionally consult customers helping them understand retouching capabilities and explain our unique products in a personal way to aid in making good decisions. For business sessions ONLY, portraits are reviewed immediately and include a retouched digital image that you will leave the session with. 

Q:Can we order prints and cards from you?

A:Yes! We are portrait print artists. Our products are produced at the best professional labs resulting in a totally different result than consumer lines. We specialize in gorgeous portrait art. 

Q:How long does it take to get my order in?

A:In most cases, we ship your order directly to you. Orders arrive 10 days to 3 weeks after the ORDER appointment. Some of our specialty products and framing may take longer. Sometimes a need for a rush arises and we will do our best to make that happen. 

Q:What is your payment policy?

A:Cash, check, VISA, Mastercard, Discover or AMEX are accepted. We do drop ship to our clients, so the balance must be paid in full.

Q:How long do you keep images?

A:Any image that has been ordered from is backed up and kept in storage. Images not viewed or ordered from will be deleted after 30 days unless special arrangements have been made.