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Everyone has a unique style, so we don’t want to dictate what you can and cannot wear for your portraits. However, our experience is that there are some styles that should be avoided such as clothing with big patterns and contrast such as a rugby shirt with dark and white horizontal stripes. Choose colors that look great on your skin tone and in your home decor. 

Families should blend together but avoid wearing all the same exact style. For example, families should avoid wearing solid white, matching t-shirts and jeans. This look is old fashioned and unrealistic. Adding layers, textures, and various styles will help in making the results more natural. Also, classic styles tend to photograph well and stand the test of time. It is best to avoid extremely trendy looks. We have created a PINTEREST page full of suggestions and examples of clothing to help you plan for your session. You can find it @ https://www.pinterest.com/iimagesphotog/clothing-suggestions-for-family-portraits/