Monthly Archives: February 2012

Black and White/Innovative Images/Kurt Nelson

One thing that will never go out of style is an exceptional black and white portrait. Properly lit and composed, it can be very dynamic. I use a different lighting style when creating black and white portraits that yields dramatic results. Call me to schedule your black and white family/individual or children’s portrait shoot in MARCH and the session will be only $20 during normal business hours.

Children’s Portraits in Frisco/Kurt Nelson/Innovative Images/

Our “Children’s Theme Series” portraits are offered several times a year featuring no session fees and packages starting at $55. Visit our website in the theme series gallery for more information. On March 6-7 we will be doing our baseball and ballerina portraits. Girls should wear their tutus for ballerina portraits. We have vintage baseball uniforms in certain sizes available for both girls and boys for the baseball portraits or they can wear their own uniforms. These photos are CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!

Just got back from a trip to Las Vegas for a photography seminar. Wish I could have access to all of the amazing architecture in Vegas"The Aria" for photo sessions all the time! Look at the angles and textures in this place, Aria. It was incredible. I shot this pic with my iPhone and later stitched the pics together to create a panorama view of the hotel.