Meagan – Senior Model 2020

WOW! Meagan is a multi-talented, sweet and beautiful young woman. She was tons of fun to photograph and her pics are truly special!

Meagan is not only a gorgeous, brown-eyed stunner, she is funny and athletic! She was a regional finalist in track and a high school cheerleader. In addition, she loves to sing and play the guitar. Her favorite musical artist is Kacey Musgraves.

Meagan’s future looks bright as her plans include studying food science/communications at Baylor University. She leans on this verse to guide the way: “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Senior Model – Hannah

Meet HANNAH, Senior Class of 2020 at McKinney Christian Academy. Her favorite high school tradition was the mum and garter exchange and homecoming game. A fun high school memory was watching “The Great Gatsby” in English class.

Hannah spends LOTS of her time at the gym training for gymnastics. It is rare to see someone stick with a sport that demands so much time and effort as gymnastics through high school! AWESOME

Hannah is truly one of the sweetest, most down to earth seniors that I have had the pleasure of photographing. She is the last graduate of a long line of beautiful sisters. I know her family is proud of the wonderful person she is!

Senior Model 2020 – Alaia

Alaia’s name is perfect for her because she is truly a one of kind girl. She describes her style as “grungy, retro” and she seems to be a person that doesn’t really care what others are doing – she has her own idea of what she likes and formulates her own opinions and tastes. It’s really fun to photograph someone like Alaia who is confident and has an interesting, artsy side.

Her friends would describe her as “dedicated, ambitious, and passionate.” Having those qualities = a recipe for success! Someday she would like to have her undergrad degree in English and go on to become a corporate lawyer. PERFECT! Teens like Alaia are our future. Doesn’t that make you feel like we are in good hands?

Some of Alaia’s favs include The Beatles – (musical artist) and Baby Driver (movie). Her favorite ways to spend free time are listening to music, reading and writing.

This beautiful soul is ultra photogenic as you see!! Here’s a sampling of some of her senior pics……

Senior Model 2020 – Sara

There’s no way I could have picked a better person to be the very last client photographed at the Frisco studio. Sara had to deal with lots of emotion on my end during the session. These pics of Sara will always be extra special for me and I know they are to her too.

Sara’s favorite high school memories involve the friends she has made and Friday night football games in Prosper. Next year she will spread her wings to new adventures as she will be a proud Razorback just like her brothers.

Arkansas is lucky to get Sara as she will be a member of the HONORS COLLEGE for PRE MED! Her strong, independent, and successful cousin/doctor inspired her to follow her dreams.

The sky is the limit for this truly special SENIOR 2020! GO SARA!

Senior Model 2020 – Ashley

Ashley is a natural beauty inside and out! There are SO many awesome pictures of her it was hard to narrow them down. Ashley has an easy going personality and is lots of fun to be around.

In her free time, you might find her at home listening to Luke Combs or chasing around her golden retriever, Daisy. One of her favorite things to do is work out at the CrossFit. Anyone that stays dedicated to CrossFit is a very disciplined person!

She is inspired by her Dad because of his work ethic and drive. He gives her motivation to work hard and go after her goals which include studying nutritional science at Baylor. Ashley’s brother, Derek, is currently a Baylor student and the whole family are fans of the Bears. In addition, they love to cheer on the Dallas Stars. We are cheering for Ashley as she completes high school and moves into the next phase of life in Waco.

Senior Model 2020 – Andrea

Meet Andrea, SR. 2020! She is absolutely adorable and extremely photogenic! Some fun facts about Andrea is that she has a Goldendoodle named Chewbacca, her favorite musician is Harry Styles, and her favorite high school memory is when she went to state for swimming! The future looks amazing for Andrea as she plans on pursuing the field of medicine in college. Good luck, Andrea!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Change is GOOD!

What an adventure we have been on! In January of 2019, we had an investor interested in purchasing our 2 buildings in downtown Frisco. We were not trying to sell our studio. We had been in this location for 27 years and our business was solid. Over the years there had been several people who wanted to buy but the timing never seemed right and the offers didn’t seem real. This time was different. We knew this offer was legitimate and possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity for us and the future of The Rail District.

The more we thought about it, the more excited we got to make the change. We had been doing things the same for a really long time, and change is good. We already had a studio space in our home that we built in 2001. We built it thinking we would shoot in both McKinney and Frisco, but it became apparent early on that going back and forth didn’t work out well. We turned the space into a game area and never used it again for photography but we knew that down the road when we were OLD we could use it again for a studio space. Well, we aren’t really OLD (does 54 count?) but, on June 28, 2019, we closed on the sale of the downtown buildings and officially began operating in McKinney on July 9, 2019. Our “new” space includes an indoor camera area, a dressing room/sales and design room, and gorgeous areas in the front and backyard including a dry creek area, stone wall with antique door area, lush landscaping, rocks, walls, arbors, etc. In addition, our home is located across the street from a large green space with lots of trees, grasses, seasonal wildflowers, etc. In reality, we have more to choose from than we had in Frisco and we have some pretty cool locations around the area that we regularly utilize.

Change is good. It’s been lots of hard work, but things are going well thanks to our amazing clients who trust what we do. We have kept the things that worked the same…….Kurt is still the ONLY photographer, Marilyn is our creative designer and retoucher and we still do in person sales sessions. We even have the same phone # 972-335-3686! We’ve made some modern changes too……we now ship orders directly to clients alleviating unnecessary trips back to the studio. Sales/design sessions are with KURT – he is the expert and can help in making the best decisions. Since we are in a home setting, our clients can see our products in a similar environment as their own.

Be sure to follow us on all of our social media channels and our website to stay updated on the happenings at Innovative Images. The adventure continues!

Senior Model – Peyton Harwell

As a seasoned basketball player, it makes sense that his favorite quote is, ” You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Peyton Harwell has been playing on the Varsity basketball team for 3 years at Liberty High School in Frisco.

When it comes to High School traditions, Peyton is a huge fan of Homecoming, and loves the basketball Pep Rallies. So far, his most treasured high school memory is when he got to go to state playoffs for basketball. Doesn’t get much better than that!

When he’s not playing basketball, you will find him playing PS4, hanging out with friends, or indulging in his favorite movies, the Harry Potter series.

Peyton is an outgoing guy, he’s got a unique style and is a lot of fun to be around. Curious about what music gets him pumped for the game? Tee Grizley’s music is his, “go to” playlist

Peyton has his sights on college after high school. Congratulations Peyton! Enjoy your Senior Year!!!

Client Spotlight – Madison Mainer

Meet Miss Madison Mainer – 2019 Senior

Madison’s schedule stays pretty full as a soccer player, and Cheerleader for Legacy Christian Academy. When she’s not on the field, you will find her relaxing with her cat Lulu, drawing, or working out.

Her style is trendy, which lends itself to her favorite high school tradition, of wearing jeans on Friday. Being that the rest of the week she has to be in uniform, getting to express herself through fashion on Friday has become extra special.

As for now, Madison’s favorite memory she will take with her from her time in high school is Prom! We are certain that during her senior year she will make many more memories that she will cherish.

Post Malone tracks fill her playlist, and, “Legally Blonde,” is the movie you’ll find on replay at her house. She draws inspiration from Blake Lively, and the scripture, 1 Corinthians 16:13 13 Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.

Madison dreams of having a career that involves art and fun (of course)!  Congratulations Madison!!! We wish you all of the best!

Client Spotlight- Rex Collins

Rex Collins is a 2019 Senior at McKinney Christian Academy, and one of our awesome Senior Models!

This outgoing, personable young man, has a heart of gold – and a smile to match. His favorite high school memory this far, was watching the family in Guatemala, that his team built a home for, accept Christ.

Rex’s favorite movie is, “Urban Cowboy.” This photo shoot perfectly captured Rex’s inner, “Urban Cowboy!” When it comes to his favorite musical artist, it’s a tie between Waylon Jennings or George Jones. As you can see, Rex’s style is casual, but he always makes sure he’s looking good.

Maxbeau, the precious white lab, is Rex’s buddy, and companion. You can feel the love and connection they share. Maxbeau is often with Rex while he is doing the things he loves, like fishing, talking on the phone, reading the Bible, and finding ways to help the people he loves.

Post high school goals for this authentic guy? Helping people in their faith, and having a good family, is what success means to him, qualities and goals that have likely been instilled by the person he looks up to most, his, “Pop.” Drawing inspiration from his favorite quote, “Life is too short to get in a hurry,” will surely fuel his well lived days.

Congratulations Rex! We are excited to see all of the wonderful ways you impact the world!