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Keeping your LOVE Alive in Portraits

February is upon us, and love is in the air. Everywhere we turn we see hearts, flowers, and chocolates. But do we see our love documented in current portraits? Or do we have to reach back through the years to that engagement photo, or wedding album? Of course we cherish those memories of days when our love was young, but what about now?

Years of marriage and togetherness have deepened our love, given us a new definition of romance, and probably a very different idea of what, “Happily Every After,” truly looks like.

Celebrate your love, at every stage. 


Maternity Session

Had such a great time capturing these photos in a field near Frisco. So cool that this week I met the Miller’s newborn baby girl, Sanaa Elise, and did portraits of her. She joins big brother Cameron to complete the family. The Miller’s ordered a really cool framed collage of these images and it turned out AMAZING! Next we are going to do a gorgeous, custom album mixing some of the maternity and newborn photos. Can’t wait to see the finished products!

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Casual or Formal

Once upon a time almost every family that showed up to do a family portrait came in their “Sunday best.” Now it seems more families desire a casual look. Both looks can be appropriate and the outcome is usually quite different. If you are questioning what kind of family photo you want, begin by asking yourself some of the following questions……
*How do I tend to decorate my home?
If you have a very casual home, obviously, an outdoor portrait with casual clothing in colors that coordinate with your home is the best look. If you have more formal areas in which you desire your portrait to be hung, an indoor, dressier look may be the best option.
*Does your family regularly dress up?
If not, a formal portrait wouldn’t represent your family very well.
* How old are your children?
If you have kids under the age of 12, you should probably stick to your favorite option (indoors or outdoors) and avoid doing too much with changes of clothing involved.
*Do you take family photos regularly?
If you do not, then you should choose whichever style you like best and suits your lifestyle the most. If you do take lots of family portraits then you can try something different that you normally do just for variety.

The good news is that we can do any style VERY WELL. We offer in studio, studio garden or location!
Bottom line is that your family portrait should represent your family in a true way. Every family is different, so let your portrait reflect who you are!pec1


Family Portraits

Family portraits are most definitely one of my specialties. I have done thousands through the years and have encountered literally all types of situations. Many of the families I do come back annually so I try to create something a little different each year. It seems that MOST families take their photo Oct. – Dec. so this period of time becomes pretty crazy for me. The fun has begun and the images from this season are better than ever! Family

Wow – it has been a busy season!!! We are winding down now looking forward to Christmas. The last day to be able to get anything in time for Christmas is TUESDAY, DEC. 18th! Our last day open will be DECEMBER 22nd. So many beautiful images this year – can’t wait to share them and I will when I get time I love this one……

Fall Portrait Time

This is the time of the year that I do the most portrait shoots. It is exciting to have the opportunity to do so many different things. My goal is to provide each client with a timeless treasure. I love to stretch myself to find the best lighting, setting, mood, angle, posing, etc. in order to achieve optimal results. I truly feel that each year my own creativity gets better, culminating in a finer product for my clients. I appreciate the loyalty and opportunity to make beautiful memories!

Celebrating Life, Love and Family

I’ve been thinking about how much family really means alot lately. My own kids are almost grown and I get a little choked up thinking about how fast that has happened. Lucky for us, we have some really great family portraits that allow us to have a visual reminder of how we have grown and changed throughout the years. I take family portraits very seriously and know that each will be treasured for years to come! After 20 years in the business, many of my clients have shared to me how much an image that I took means to them. Memories are precious for sure!

Newborn/Frisco Photographer/Innovative Images/Young

Check out this precious little one we did newborn pics of last week! She was 2 weeks old for her first portrait session. We got so many amazing images! Here are just a few to share!!